Specialty Landscape Plants and Custom Designs

Set your home apart with a stunning, low-maintenance landscape.


At Bloomfield Nursery, your ideas take center stage.

Have you struggled to make landscapers understand what you want? Are you frustrated with landscaping that looks like everyone else’s?

Your bold, unique landscaping vision deserves to become real. Tell us what look and feel you’re after, and we’ll help you choose the right plants, supplies, and site design to make it happen.

Too many landscaping projects are boring and hard to care for. Our custom designs and rare specialty plants turn your vision into a captivating, low-maintenance landscape that sets your home apart.

Take your yard from boring to brilliant.

The Plan

Tell us your vision. We’ll create a free site design and help you choose the right specialty plants to make it real.

The Install

Get a guaranteed install from our experienced landscapers or arrange your own.

The Results

Enjoy your restful, one-of-a-kind landscape, knowing it will only look classier with time.

The Problem

If you want an ordinary landscape with the same plants everyone else has, finding a landscaper is easy. It's when you venture off the beaten path that things get complicated. With low profit margins and unforgiving timelines, a lot of landscapers struggle to execute more high-end, “out-of-the-box” ideas. 

Here at Bloomfield Nursery, we’re plant people first. That means two things for you: 

  • Your creativity is welcome. Bringing your backyard fantasy to life with rare and arresting trees and shrubs is what makes us tick. Bring it on.
  • You have more options and more control. With a vast selection of specialty plants in all sizes grown right here, you’re never at the mercy of third-party suppliers. Plus, you can choose the exact specimens you love before going ahead with a plan.

Why Choose Bloomfield Nursery?

1: Work With People Who Like You

At Bloomfield Nursery, you’re never a bother or an afterthought; you’re the reason we go to work in the morning. We’re invested in what you want to achieve, and it’s our pleasure to work with people who appreciate the plants we’ve invested so much effort into.

2: Visualize Your Ideas

It’s hard to picture how an idea will really look when you don’t have the plants in front of you. Our huge selection of specialty plants lets you see and touch the exact plants you’re considering before you make a final decision.

3: Get One-On-One Advice

Ask any question on your mind. We love talking about plants as much as you do, and nothing makes us happier than helping you find the perfect supplies and specimens to bring your landscaping dreams to life. 

4: Avoid Hassle and Complications

When you have your specialty plants installed by the same people who grew them, you deal with one company from start to finish. If any problems come up during or after the install, we already know the plants and the project history. This lets us fix things quickly and saves you frustration and lost time figuring out who’s responsible. 

5: Get a Professional Site Design

If you know the feel or look you’d like to have, we’ll measure your site and draw up a plan for free. If you like it, you can get everything you need to create it with specialty plants we already have in stock.     

Customer Reviews

The result of the project was better than we had in mind. Definitely recommended.

Terry Walker

Google review

They picked and planted our plants for our landscaping and did a wonderful job. Everything is growing well and blooming at the right time. Thanks for a great job.

Gary Collins

Google review

Lovely family to work with, and beautiful landscape stock.

Ali Walley

Google review

Over 700 Varieties of Trees and Shrubs in Stock

Here is a sample of what we carry:

  • Ornamental evergreens
  • Colorful perennials
  • Topiaries
  • Weeping conifers
  • Spirals
  • Many other rare and unusual plants
  • Premium bark mulch
  • Mushroom soil
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer

A Plant Lover's Paradise

Relax into the sights and sounds of the country as the stress drains away in this modern rustic cottage. This quirky 3 bedroom home overflows with luxurious details, from the premium specialty landscaping outside to the stainless steel appliances and fine distressed wood trim throughout.

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