Landscaping for the Homeowner Who Rejects the Ordinary

Your landscape fantasy is about to become real. From design to install to follow-up, we’re committed to helping you create outdoor spaces that will delight you for years to come. 


Nursery Planting

We’ll plant your chosen shrubs or trees, show you how to care for them, and respond promptly if you have questions later.

Yard Seeding

Grass and Yard

Replant an ugly or faded area, or get a whole new lawn.

Chose from over 700 varieties of trees and shrubs.

Why Bloomfield?

If you want an ordinary landscape with the same plants everyone else has, finding a landscaper is easy. It's when you venture off the beaten path that things get complicated. With low profit margins and unforgiving timelines, a lot of landscapers struggle to execute more high-end, “out-of-the-box” ideas. And when your landscaper is sourcing plants from third-party suppliers, you can't really see what you’re getting until it’s too late to change course. 

Doing your landscape project with Bloomfield Nursery is a whole different experience for three reasons:

  • Your off-beat, over-the-top ideas are what make us tick. That’s why we give you a site design for free, whether you buy from us or not. It helps you and we like doing it, so why not! 
  • The plants you need are all here. Instead of picking from a list and hoping for the best, you can explore our nursery until you find exactly the right plants for your project.
  • You can reach out to us afterwards. Our jobs are guaranteed for a year, but we’ll always be available to help you troubleshoot or care for your landscape.

For twenty years, we’ve been bringing landscape dreams to life. Every job we do is guaranteed. What are you waiting for?