About Bloomfield Nursery and the Stauffer Family

When we moved to the Bedford area in 2001, we started out milking cows and selling wholesale plants on the side. But people kept stopping in and wanting to shop. Eventually, we gave in and started selling plants to retail buyers. 

Many gardeners who visited Bloomfield Nursery wanted bigger, more distinctive plants, so we began shifting our focus to specialty plants and bigger specimens. Today you can choose from a stunning array of rare, eye-catching statement plants right here at the nursery. Plus, we gladly share one-on-one advice to help with your landscape planning.

If you want an experience that goes well beyond buying plants, you'll love this place. 

At Bloomfield Nursery we eat, sleep, and breathe plants. We always have time to help you choose specimens, or to turn your photos and concepts into a custom design that takes full advantage of the plants that have caught your eye. 

With more than twenty years of experience, we’ve met and solved most landscaping problems you face. We can’t wait to help you create outdoor spaces that impress your friends and give you more beauty and delight every year. 

—The Stauffer Family

Set your home apart with a stunning, low-maintenance landscape.

A Plant Lover's Paradise

Relax into the sights and sounds of the country as the stress drains away in this modern rustic cottage. This quirky 3 bedroom home overflows with luxurious details, from the premium specialty landscaping outside to the stainless steel appliances and fine distressed wood trim throughout.

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